Fiberglass assembled roving for chopped

Short Description:

◎ Good bonding with epoxy resin, fast penetration

◎ Less hairiness, good short-cut dispersion, evenly dispersed in the product

◎ Excellent acid corrosion resistance

◎ Excellent mechanical properties

◎ Good antistatic property

◎ Has very good mechanical properties

Product Detail

Product Tags

The product is a assembled roving for chopped strands, and the surface of the yarn is coated with a silane-based sizing agent.Compatible with saturated polyester, epoxy and vinyl resins, fast saturating and suitable for chopped cutting processes.

The products have excellent mechanical properties and are widely used in chopped strands for pipes, chopped strands on the surface of wind energy fabrics, and chopped strand mats.



Model Glass type Sizing type Typical filament diameter (um) Typical linear density (tex)



13 2400

Technical Parameters

Model Linear density variation(%) Moisture content(%) Sizing content(%) Stiffness(mm)

± 4

≤ 0.07

0.90 ± 0.15 120 ± 20
ER-162K 1.20 ± 0.15 125 ± 20


◎Please keep the glass fiber product in the original packaging when not using it. The best use time for this product is 12 months.

◎ Please pay attention to protection before or during use to prevent glass fiber products from being rubbed and other factors that affect product performance.

◎ Please properly adjust and control the relative temperature and humidity of the environment and glass fiber products, so that the product can achieve the best effect.

◎ Please regularly maintain the knife roller and top roller.



Glass fiber roving products are packaged in pallets, the middle layer is separated by cardboard, and the outer layer is wrapped with wrapping film.


Under normal circumstances, the number of product stacking layers should not exceed 3 layers, please pay attention to the safety of glass fiber products and personnel when stacking, and can be reinforced if appropriate. The storage environment of glass fiber products should be in cool and dry conditions, the best storage conditions are -10℃~35℃, relative humidity ≤80%.

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