The 14th JEC Korea and the first Carbon Korea were successfully held


JEC Group's two events, JEC Korea and Carbon Korea 2021, held in Seoul, South Korea from November 3 to 5, 2021, were a success.

The 14th JEC Korea, co-hosted with Carbon Korea, welcomed 80 exhibitors and 3,200 professional visitors from 12 countries, mainly from Korea and the Asia-pacific region.

According to JEC group, the event focused on two application areas: hydrogen storage pressure vessels and infrastructure, and the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.


The inaugural Carbon Korea was organised by KCarbon and KCANIA and consists of four theme areas: Carbon neutrality, factory training, emerging enterprises and 3D printing. The events also include a conference programme and the 15th International Carbon Festival, which brings together 25 speakers from around the world in a combination of physical and digital engagement through JEC Korea Connect. Presentations covered a variety of application areas: new energy vehicles, aviation, carbon fiber reinforced materials, hydrogen energy and more. Several foreign and South Korean government representatives and experts from global companies such as Airbus, Dieffenbach and Siemens also attended the event.

Deyang Yaosheng Composite Material Co., Ltd. is a glass fiber manufacturer with 13 years of professional production experience. The main products are: Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiberglass chopped Strand Mat, Fiberglass Roving and other customized products.

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Post time: Mar-07-2022