Glass fiber fabric is a variety of fabrics woven from glass fiber yarns

Glass fiber woven roving

Glass fiber woven roving is untwisted roving plain weave fabric, which is an important base material for hand lay-up FRP. The strength of the square cloth is mainly in the warp and weft directions of the fabric. For occasions that require high strength in the warp or weft directions, it can also be woven into unidirectional fabrics. It can arrange more untwisted rovings in the warp or weft directions. Warp cloth, single weft cloth. Non-twisted roving is made of parallel strands or parallel monofilaments. According to the glass composition, the roving can be divided into: E-GLASS non-alkali glass roving and C-GLASS medium alkali glass roving. The diameter of glass fiber used in the production of glass roving ranges from 12 to 23 μm. Rovings are available in gauges from 150 to 9600 (tex). Twisted roving can be directly used in some composite material process forming methods, such as winding and pultrusion process, because of its uniform tension, it can also be woven into roving fabric, and in some applications, the roving will be further chopped .


The quality requirements of the woven roving are as follows:

① The fabric is uniform, the selvedge is straight, and the cloth surface is flat and mat-like, without stains, fluff, creases, wrinkles, etc.;

② Warp and weft density, area weight, cloth width and roll length all meet the standards;

③Wound on a firm paper core, neatly wound;

④Rapid and good resin permeability;

⑤ The dry and wet mechanical strength of laminated materials made of fabrics should meet the requirements.

Glass fiber twill cloth

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