• Fiberglass direct roving for weaving

    Fiberglass direct roving for weaving

    Fiberglass Direct Roving For Weaving compatible with a variety of resins, the penetration is fast and complete, and the final effect is uniform and complete

    Direct Roving For Weaving has good weaving performance, less hairiness, good abrasion resistance, good transition smoothness, and excellent use process performance

    ◎ Superior mechanical properties of products, good fatigue properties

    ◎ The yarn is soft and the unwinding tension is small

    ◎ Excellent acid corrosion resistance

    ◎ Excellent aging resistance

    At the same time, our company also produces other fiberglass roving, such as: chopped roving / pultrusion roving / Filament Winding Roving / E Glass SMC Roving / Gun Roving / E-Glass Panel Roving