Manufacturer Supplied Fiberglass Woven Roving

Short Description:

1. Fiberglass woven roving warp and weft roving aligned in a parallel and flat manner, resulting in uniform tension.

2. Woven roving is densely arranged fibers with high dimensional stability and easy handling.

3. Good mold ability, fast and complete wet in resins, resulting in high productivity.

4. Good transparency and high strength of composite products.

Product Detail

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Product Description

1、Woven Rovings are made on looms with warp or weft reinforcement threads interlaced with each other in varying configurations to give different fabric styles.

2. Woven roving glass fiber is compatible with UP, VE, EP, PF resin. The weight per square meter can be in the range of 200g/㎡~800g/㎡, and the product width can be selected in the range of 150mm~3200mm. Our products have three types of weave: plain weave, twill weave and satin weave. Other specifications are also available upon customer request. “


Product Specifications

product code Weigh(g/㎡) Width(mm) Roll weight(kg)

Tensile breaking strength,≥

EWR200-1000 200±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 1300,weft 1100

EWR300-1000 300±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 2100,weft 1900

EWR400-1000 400±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 2500,weft 2200

EWR500-1000 500±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 3000,weft 2750

EWR600-1000 600±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 4000,weft 3850

EWR800-1000 800±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 4600,weft 4400

EWR570-1000 570±5 1000±10 40±1

warp 4000,weft 3750

Common product mechanical performance parameters

product code

Tensile Strength Mpa)

Tensile modulus Gpa)

Bending strength Mpa)

Flexural modulus Gpa)

Soak time(S)














Main application:automotive, vessels, gratings, bathtub, FRP composite, tanks, waterproof, reinforcement, insulation, spraying,spray gun,mat,gmt,boat,csm,frp,panel,car body,knitting,chopped strand,pipe,gypsum mold,boat hulls,wind energy,wind blades,fiberglass boat hulls,boats fiberglass,fiberglass pools,fiberglass fish tank,fiberglass fishing boat,fiberglass molds,fiberglass rods,fiberglass swimming pool,fiberglass boats molds, fiberglass pool,fiberglass chopper gun,fiberglass spray gun, fiberglass water tank,fiberglass pressure vessel,fiberglass poles,fiberglass fish pond,fiberglass resin,fiberglass car body,fiberglass panels,fiberglass ladder,fiberglass insulation,fiberglass dinghy,fiberglass car roof top tent,fiberglass statue,fiberglass grating,fiberglass rebar,glass fiber reinforced concrete,fiber glass swimming pooland etc.


Untwisted rovings can be produced in different widths, each roll is wound on a paper tube with an inner diameter of 60mm and an outer diameter of 74mm, and then put into a polyethylene bag, fastened the bag mouth, and packed on a pallet. In addition, the product can also be packed in a carton, in which the product can be placed horizontally on the pallet and fixed with packing tape and shrink film.

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