Electrical Insulation Glass Fiber Fabric

Short Description:

The product (insulation fiberglass cloth) has good mechanical properties, heat resistance, corona resistance and insulating properties.
At the same time, the company produces other performance and purpose fabrics such as: Electronic Grade Glass Fiber Fabric, Fire-Proof Glass Fiber Fabric, Fiberglass Woven Roving, Fiberglass Multi-Axial Stitched Fabric, etc.

Product Detail

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The product is widely used in the fields of insulating braiding, phase to phase insulation, slot insulation, bushing insulation, and wiring insulation of electrical machinery, electrical equipment and instrumentation.

Specification and Physical-Mechanical Properties

Product type Thickness (mm) Weight (g/m²) Width (mm) Breaking strength (N/25mm) Yarn
Warp Weft Warp S/I Weft S/I
EW25 0.025±0.005 18±4 600-1000 ≥118 ≥88 EC4-1.67X1X2S120 EC4-1.67X1X2S120
EW30 0.03±0.005 20±4 600-1000 ≥167 ≥78 EC4-2.78X1X2S120 EC4.5-4X1S40
EW40 0.04±0.005 27±4 600-1000 ≥196 ≥137 EC4.5-4X1X2S120 EC5.5-6X1S40
EW40T 0.04±0.005 27±3 600-1000 ≥196 ≥137 EC4.5-4X1X2S120T EC5.5-6X1S40T
EW60 0.06±0.005 52±5 600-1000 ≥275 ≥275 EC5.5-6X1X2S110 EC5.5-6X1X2S110
EW90 0.09±0.01 85±8 900-1270 ≥442 ≥295 EC5.5-12X1X2S40 EC8-24X1S40
EW100 0.1±0.01 100±10 900-1270 ≥490 ≥400 EC5.5-12X2S40 EC5.5-12X2S40
EW140 0.14±0.014 135±14 900-1270 ≥650 ≥450 EC8-24X1X2S90 EC8-24X2S40
EW170T 0.17±0.017 170±17 900-1270 ≥1200 ≥200 EC8-24X1X3S90T EC5.5-12X1X2S100T
EW200 0.2±0..02 203±20 900-1270 ≥300 ≥230 EC9-68X1S28 EC9-68X1S28

Packing Information

In order to ensure the product safety and integrity during the process of transportation, and make sure that the fabric is without indentation, deformation or damage, each roll of the fabric will be wrapped in a PE bag and placed into a carton.

Product Storage and Transportation

The fabric should be stored in a dry, cool environment, and it’s forbidden to be exposedto heat or sun. The product should be used within 12 months.

The product is suitable for delivery by the way of ship, train, or truck.

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