• Manufacturer Supplied Fiberglass Woven Roving

    Manufacturer Supplied Fiberglass Woven Roving

    1. Fiberglass woven roving warp and weft roving aligned in a parallel and flat manner, resulting in uniform tension.

    2. Woven roving is densely arranged fibers with high dimensional stability and easy handling.

    3. Good mold ability, fast and complete wet in resins, resulting in high productivity.

    4. Good transparency and high strength of composite products.

  • Fiberglass Twill Woven Roving

    Fiberglass Twill Woven Roving

    ①. Fberglass twill woven roving uniform thickness, no hairiness, no stains and other defects

    ②. Twill weave fiberglass the soaking speed is fast, the product strength is high, and the strength loss is less in the wet state.