• Fiberglass roving for Filament winding

    Fiberglass roving for Filament winding

    ◎ The overhang of the product glass fiber filament winding roving is small, and the tension of the yarn is very uniform

    ◎ fiberglass filament winding roving has very good wear resistance under high tension, and the properties such as transition flatness and cluster extraction are very superior

    ◎ Winding Filament Roving has excellent process performance (suitable for fast winding under high tension), electrical performance, mechanical strength and fatigue resistance, low retraction tension during use, good yarn clustering and extremely low hairiness

    ◎ The penetration time of Filament Winding Roving is fast and thorough, and the glass fiber filament winding roving is well combined with various resins (UP, EP, VE, etc.)

    ◎ Excellent chemical corrosion resistance and aging resistance, such as H2S corrosion in oil and gas

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