Fiberglass assembled roving for SMC

Short Description:

◎ The product Fiberglass Assembled Roving For SMC has the characteristics of excellent product coloring

◎ Excellent antistatic property, volatility and dispersion, less roving hairiness

Assembled Roving for SMC has good permeability to resin, fast and thorough penetration

◎ Excellent molding fluidity, smooth product surface

◎ Excellent product strength

◎ Moderate sheet resilience

Other uses of fiberglass roving are: Fiberglass Direct Roving For WeavingFiberglass Assembled Roving For Chopped Strand MatFiberglass Assembled Roving For Centrifugal CastingFiberglass Assembled Roving For ChoppedFiberglass Roving For Filament WindingFiberglass Roving For PultrusionFiberglass Assembled Roving For Spray-UpFiberglass Assembled Panel Roving.

Product Detail

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This product is a Assembled Roving for high-performance structural grade SMC. The yarn surface is coated with a silane composite sizing, which is suitable for reinforcing unsaturated polyester resins and vinyl resins.

This product is a Assembled Roving made of alkali-free glass wire drawing. It adopts a special splitting and splitting process. The type 448 has a fast infiltration speed in styrene and a low resin adsorption capacity. It can also be completely infiltrated under the condition of high glass fiber content. With very good flow properties in resin, Model 456 is suitable for high viscosity paste, high machine speed, thick sheet production.

The product is used in SMC products of high temperature molding process, such as bathroom products that require high surface quality and colorability. Produces low-shrinkage sheet and can also be used for low-profile sheet production. Typical products are: various auto parts, door skins, water tanks, electrical parts, etc. Production of truck parts, car chassis, hoods, etc.



Model Glass type Sizing type Typical filament diameter (um) Typical linear density (tex)



14 4800
ER-440 14 / 15 / 16 2400 / 4400 / 4800
ER-440A 13 2400/4800
ER-442K 14 2400 /4800
ER-448 13 4400
ER-456 15 /16 2400/4400/ 4800
ER-458 14 4500 / 4800

Technical Parameters

Model Linear density variation(%) Moisture content(%) Sizing content(%) Stiffness(mm)

± 4

≤ 0.07

1.25 ± 0.15 150 ± 20
ER-440 1.25 ± 0.15 160±20 ( 14um~15um )
170±20 ( 16um;440(80) )
ER-440A 1.15 ± 0.15 145 ± 20
ER-442K 1.25 ± 0.15 150 ± 20
ER-448 1.90 ± 0.20 160 ± 20
ER-456 2.00 ± 0.20 170 ± 20
ER-458 2.00 ± 0.20 160 ± 20


◎The best use time of the product is 12 months, please store it in the original packaging before use to ensure the quality of the product.

◎When using this product, please pay attention to protect the roving from being scratched or damaged, which will affect the use effect.

◎Please pay attention to the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the product. In order to achieve the best product performance, the ambient temperature and humidity can be adjusted appropriately.

◎In order to improve the process quality, please maintain the operating tools regularly to improve the production efficiency.



The product is packaged in a wooden sterilization tray, with a cardboard partition for the inner layer, the roving ball is covered with a plastic shrink film, and the outermost layer is packaged with a stretch film.


Under normal circumstances, the best storage environment for glass fiber products is cool and dry conditions, the ambient temperature is -10℃~35℃, and the humidity is ≤80%. The stacking of fiberglass products should not exceed three layers, please do it smoothly and correctly during the stacking operation.

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