Fiberglass assembled roving for chopped strand mat

Short Description:

Fiberglass Assembled Roving For Chopped Strand Mat has good resin permeability

Assembled Roving has excellent shredding dispersion and cutting properties

◎ Good antistatic property

◎ Suitable for soft chopped strand mat


The company has other types of rovings for use: E Glass Roving for SMCFiberglass Assembled Roving For Centrifugal CastingFilament Winding RovingRoving for Pultrusionspray up rovingfiberglass panel roving.

Product Detail

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The Fiberglass Assembled Roving is a special stranded roving for powder and emulsion chopped strand mats and stitchbonded mats. It is easy to chop and has good dispersion. It is compatible with unsaturated polyester resins, vinyl resins, epoxy resins, etc., and is suitable for soft Sexual chopped strand mats and stitchbonded mats.

Chopped strand mat production process: The assembled roving are chopped to certain length and dispersed and dropped randomly on the belt. And then combined with emulsion or powder biner at end through drying , cooling and winding-up the mat are made.

Mainly used in the manufacture of FRP hulls, sanitary ware, car shells, profiles, etc.

Glass Fiber Mat Production Line


Model Glass type Sizing type Typical filament diameter (um) Typical linear density (tex)



12 、15 2400
ER-520 13 2400

Technical Parameters

Model Linear density variation(%) Moisture content(%) Sizing content(%) Stiffness(mm)

± 4

≤ 0.07

0.50 ± 0.15
100±15 (15)
ER-520 0.90 ± 0.15 135 ± 15
120 ± 15 (33)


◎ This product is packed with inner plastic outer film and tray. Please do not open the package before use. The best use time of the product is 9 months.

◎ When using the product, please be careful not to scratch or damage the yarn, which will affect the use effect.

◎ Please pay attention to the influence of ambient temperature and humidity on the product before and during use, and adjust the temperature and humidity balance appropriately.

◎The cutter rollers and rubber rollers should be maintained regularly.



Products are packed in trays and shrink-wrapped plastic film.

Each roll of glass fiber assembled roving is about 23KG, 36/48 rolls per pallet, 36 rolls with 3 layers, 48 rolls with 4 layers. A 20ft container can hold about 20 tons.


In general, fiberglass products should be stored in a dry, cool, and moisture-proof environment. The optimum temperature and humidity should be kept at -10℃~35℃ and ≤80% respectively. To ensure product safety, the stacking height of pallets should not exceed three layers, and there are warning signs around. Please move the tray correctly and smoothly.

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