The world’s longest pure fiberglass blade has passed the full-scale static load test at one time!

The pure glass fiber offshore wind power 94A1 blade independently developed, designed and manufactured by China has passed the full-scale static test at one time and has thus become the world's longest pure glass fiber blade.


94A1 blades are suitable for the super I wind area, can withstand the instantaneous wind speed of 70m/s, have excellent anti-typhoon genes, and will be applied to the Mingyang Smart MySE8.X platform.

The 94A1 blade adopts new design, new materials, and has many innovations in structure, aiming to achieve low cost, high power generation and high reliability of blades through technological innovation. In terms of materials, the blade uses a new high-modulus fiberglass pultruded material as the main beam of the blade, which breaks through the technical difficulties of insufficient rigidity and heavy weight faced by the traditional perfusion fiberglass blade design. At the same time, the innovative use of single and double webs The combination method reduces the difficulty of blade manufacturing, and also greatly reduces the load and cost of each component of the entire unit.


In terms of structure, the 94A1 blade adopts Mingyang Intelligent and advanced airfoil family to ensure the efficient power generation efficiency of the blade; an independent research and development aerodynamic kit is added to the blade, which makes the airfoil higher lift-drag ratio, smaller trailing edge effect, and lifts the airfoil. Type aerodynamic efficiency; through the blade design platform independently developed by Mingyang Intelligent, the blade weight and blade dynamic Cp are used as key indicators, and the blade aeroelastic stability is used as a strong constraint. The optimization is automatically optimized, and the main beam, trailing edge beam, and reinforcement Layers and core materials are laid to ensure the safety of the blade structure and the efficient application of raw materials, minimize the cost of the blade, and provide a strong guarantee for the reliable operation of the unit throughout the life cycle.


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Post time: Jun-03-2019