Cost-effective Fiberglass stitched mat

Short Description:

① Complete fiberglass stitched mat Speciflcation and widths range from 50mm to 2400mm. There is no binder. The stitched thread is polyester thread.

② fiberglass stitched mat even thickness, high wet tensile strength retention.

③ Good moldability, Good drapability and easy operation.

④ Excellent rollout characteristics and effective reinforcement.

⑤ Good wet-out in resins and high productivity.

If there are other needs, the company also produces fiberglass stitched combo mat and Fiberglass Multi-Axial Stitched Fabric.

Product Detail

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Weaving Process

Fiberglass stitched mat is a mat formed by short-cutting glass fiber roving into a certain length and then spreading it uniformly on a forming mesh belt without orientation, and then stitching it with a loop structure. It can be applied to unsaturated polyester resin, vinyl resin, phenolic resin and epoxy resin, etc.


Product Specifications

Specification model Total unit weight (g/㎡) Chopped fiber/single weight(g/㎡) Width (mm) Product layers Roll weight(kg) Remark
EMK300 300 300 200-2500 Single - No Matrix
EMK380 380 380 200-2500 Single - No Matrix
EMK450 450 450 200-2500 Single - No Matrix

Common product mechanical performance parameters

Specification model Glass fiber content (%) Tensile Strength (Mpa) Tensile modulus (Gpa) Bending strength (Mpa) Flexural modulus (Gpa) Soak time (S)
EMK380 35 112 82.5 175.8 / ≤20

Application Range

This product is widely used in FRP molding processes such as pultrusion, injection molding (RTM), winding molding, compression molding, and hand lay-up molding. It is widely used to reinforce unsaturated polyester resins. The main end products are glass fiber reinforced plastic hulls, plates, pultruded profiles and pipeline linings.

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